With all new health risks posed in 2020, studio hygiene standards have increased from what was already maintained in months previously. The health and well being of my family aswell as yours is my number one priority.

The updated Studio policies are as follows -

  • Upon arrival to my home studio, I ask that your shoes are to be taken off and kept outdoors. No shoes are permitted inside the my home. 
  • When coming into the studio, you will be asked to sanitise your hands, if you wish to wash your hands with soap, I Have a wash station available at the studio. Hand sanitiser will be on offer throughout the session.
  • No props from outside of my studio are to be brought into my studio. 
  • As I have always done, props, wraps, and anything that a baby or family touches will be sanitised before and after a session. 
  • If I feel anytime during the session that anyone who has entered the studio is showing any signs of sickness, will be asked to leave. It is upon good faith that you will let me know that you or any of your children are sick and that you would like to postpone your session.
  • Distance will be kept as much as possible during studio sessions.
  • Immediate family only are available to enter the studio.